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Remodeling Aid guides you through home renovations so you can avoid project pitfalls, save money, and get the result you want on time and on budget.

Home renovations can be a dysfunctional mess! General Contractors can often lead to project inefficiencies and inflated costs. We want to fix that. Because we work for a flat fee, we receive no benefit from cost overruns or delays. Our only interest is your success and satisfaction.

We offer a different, better model. At Remodeling Aid, we work FOR YOU. We’ll manage every aspect of your project while providing superior communication, project advice, and coordination. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars while delivering top quality management. Call us for a free consultation and let us show you a better way to manage your project.

Remodeling Done Right

We hire only well established, licensed, and fully insured subcontractors, willing to warranty their work so that you are assured of quality workmanship. We’ll handle all permits and inspections, and we’ll provide you with an organized and comprehensive log of all activities and expenses, so that you always feel “on top” of your project.

Stop Contractor Madness

The “General Contractor” model is a mess! Sure, most General Contractors are genuinely trying to do a good job, but the reality is that oftentimes your interests and theirs aren’t aligned. Cost overruns, “project creep,” and puzzling delays are all baked into the traditional model. We can do it better, for less money and in less time, because that is our purpose!

Get Peace of Mind

We do not earn commission from recommending one vendor over another. We do not profit from change orders. We do not mark up cabinets, fixtures, or other finish items. Our only interest is in providing you with quality options, whether it’s for cabinets, tile, fixtures, or any other item your project requires. You can be assured that whatever your project needs, the only criteria that matters is what’s best for you.

Save Time and Money

We work closely with you to plan your remodeling project before any part of your home is touched. This insures that costs are anticipated up front and things can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because we do not add anything to sub-contractor invoices or anything else, the savings are substantial. We can typically save homeowners up to 25% off what the traditional model would cost, and we pass along any trade discounts that might apply, saving you even more.

We manage renovations for

kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, and general remodeling projects.

“Alex was tremendously helpful finding the right contractors and managing every phase of our renovation with expertise and professionalism. We’re so grateful for his creative problem solving and commitment to making sure everything was perfect, down to the last detail.” 

Donna R., Newton, MA


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